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From Skies to Seas: Unveiling Aluminum’s Presence in Aerospace and Maritime Fabrication

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If your maritime or aerospace fabrication needs aren’t being met, you risk injury or, worse, to the people who rely on your transportation products. Maritime and aerospace fabrication have incredibly high standards to meet. That’s why you need a forward-thinking metal fabrication team that can deliver the products that your work relies on.

If you have experience with poor fabrication services, you likely know the pain of having to re-order products, push back deadlines, and spend more on a new batch. But when you collaborate with an accomplished team like ours, you won’t have these problems any longer. We are a highly experienced team that has provided work for dozens of aerospace, maritime, and other industry leaders across Pennsylvania. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you.

Benefits of Aluminum in Maritime and Aerospace Fabrication

There are dozens of materials to choose from for your metal fabrication needs, but aluminum is a material that is ideally suited for maritime and aerospace fabrication alike:

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Aluminum is a lightweight and durable material, roughly a third the weight of steel. This property provides boats, planes, drones, and other transport crafts with better fuel efficiency and higher carrying capacity. The efficiency and productivity you can attain from this material are unmatched.

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High Strength

The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum is one of the best-selling points across aerospace and maritime fabrication. It provides both industries with materials that enhance safety and performance. Safety is critical for transportation needs and must be a priority throughout your products.

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Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum cannot rust like iron-based materials. The corrosion resistance of the most common grades and alloys of aluminum provides additional benefits to your product. When your vehicles interact with high-stress environments or saltwater, durability is a must.

These benefits make aluminum alloys the most attractive materials in the aeronautic and maritime industries. The specific requirements of high durability and low weight lead fabricators and professionals alike to value the materials throughout their project plans.

What Aerospace and Maritime Parts Go Through Aluminum Fabrication?

Parts throughout an airplane, spacecraft, or boat need to be light and strong to stand up during extreme environments. Some parts typically made of solid metal can be incredibly light when made of aluminum. Additionally, aluminum’s passive thermal control qualities make this material extremely useful for aerospace engines, which need to be as light and strong as possible. Many of these parts are commonly fabricated from aluminum:

A stack of aluminum frame pieces in profile in preparation for fabrication
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Body Panels
  • Pipes, pins, and connectors
  • Winches Rollers and Reels
  • Frames
  • Actuators
  • Valves

These parts have unique purposes, but most have similar needs. As stated, aluminum is light and strong, so it is valuable for most parts and pieces used in maritime and aerospace fabrication. From bearings to pipes, aluminum provides excellent opportunities to reduce weight compared to steel or other metals.

Common Grades of Aluminum Used in Aerospace and Maritime Fabrication

Alloyed materials can combine the benefits and traits of multiple metals and materials. Aluminum is one of the most valuable materials to mix with other materials thanks to its baseline qualities of low weight and high tensile strength. These qualities provide your fabricated goods with incredible flexibility in how they are employed. A few of the most common aluminum alloys you can expect us to use for a maritime or aerospace company are:

A large number of aluminum fasteners stacked on top of each other
  • 2024: Often used in repair and restoration of aircraft structures
  • 3003: Sheets used for cowls and baffles
  • 5052: Used for fuel tanks, particularly in maritime fabrication, thanks to the excellent corrosion resistance
  • 6061: Used in tertiary structures such as landing mats and docks
  • 7075: This high-strength alloy is one of the most common grades, alongside 2024

Each of these materials requires its own custom processes of manipulating, shaping, cutting, and other fabrication methods. Thanks to our fabricators’ passionate work and experience, we have access to the methods and abilities to deliver the products you need.

Why Choose Brandywine Valley Fabricators?

We hold ourselves to a high standard. We constantly make it a point to learn about advancements in fabrication techniques and technology. And we provide every project with the same level of service and care. We have been able to thrive as a business thanks to these values:


Every time we pick up the phone or meet you in person, we do so with a smile! We are actively interested and excited about every project we work on and want to learn about your goals. Plus, you’ll receive frequent updates on how your products are being managed.


Our space is full of experts who fabricate various materials and parts. We make it a point to stay updated on new advancements in metallurgy, fabrication, and production. There is always something new to learn, and our experience shows that staying ahead requires knowledge and passion.


Our frequent updates aren’t just for your benefit. We hold ourselves to a high-quality standard, which only comes from consistent processes that include communication among all parties involved. This standard operating procedure gives us higher accountability and the reliability that you demand.

Brandywine Valley Fabricators Can Keep You Floating On!

Are you an aerospace company with high standards or a maritime company that needs its fabrication project handled? Your industries generate transport for millions of people, providing them with access to the world. You need a fabricator who will provide you with high-quality results that improve safety.

So, call us today and benefit from trained, experienced, and knowledgeable aluminum fabrication specialists. In our hands, your maritime and aerospace fabrication needs won’t just be met—they’ll be exceeded!