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Metal Forming

Expert Metal Forming is Waiting for You in Coatesville, PA

Simple shapes like tubes, beams, and ductwork. More complex shapes like airplane wings, turbine blades, and medical implants. Unique custom metal creations. These are just some of the types of projects that might require skilled metal forming, and the fabricator you choose will directly affect your experience and the quality of the product you receive.

See All That’s Possible with Metal Forming by Brandywine Valley Fabricators

You don’t have to know when metal forming is necessary to complete a fabrication project; however, it can be helpful to know that Brandywine Valley Fabricators has all the capabilities necessary, including metal forming, to complete a wide variety of custom metal fabrication projects.

Here are a few examples of jobs that would require some type of metal forming:

  • Beams, Columns, & Trusses
  • Cladding, Railings, & Decorative Panels
  • Ductwork for Ventilation Systems
  • Tanks & Storage Vessels
  • Machinery & Equipment Parts
  • Chassis, Bodies, & Exhaust Systems for Automotives
  • Ship & Aircraft Parts & Structural Elements
  • Bridge Components, Guardrails, & Signs
  • Pipes & Tubes for Utility Systems
  • Wind Turbine Towers & Components
  • Appliance & Furniture Components
  • Tool Handles & Housings
  • Artistic Elements & Sculptures
  • Sports Equipment & Bicycles
  • Medical Equipment & Prosthetics
  • Aerospace & Defense Components
  • Food Processing & Packaging Parts & Machinery
  • Oil & Gas Industry Equipment

That’s just a sampling of how metal forming turns raw materials into parts and equipment essential to daily life.

You can see what our facility is producing in the project photo gallery and then contact us to discuss the fabrication of your next custom project.

The Types of Metal Forming You’ll Find at Brandywine Valley Fabricators

If you were to visit our metal fabrication facility in Coatesville, PA, you might see any of these specific functions in action:

  • Metal Rolling
  • Metal Bending
  • Metal Forging
  • Metal Shearing
  • Metal Punching

These capabilities are used when sheet metal or bars need to be bent, the thickness of sheet metal needs to be reduced, metal needs to be reshaped or reduced in size, or when holes must be created in metal sheets.

We have the equipment to perform these functions with cost-effective efficiency, plus technicians with the experience and know-how to get the job done right. Let’s see how we can put these capabilities to work for you.