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Stainless Steel Fabrication

Get Stainless Steel Fabrication that Fits Your Specs and Your Budget

When you need superior corrosion resistance, strength, and durability, stainless steel fabrication is often the best choice. And when you determine that it’s the right material for your project, the next step is to find a stainless steel fabricator who’s experienced in stainless steel cutting, fabrication, and welding. Let Brandywine Valley Fabricators in Coatesville, PA, show you the difference a knowledgeable SS fabrication shop can make.

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication in Action

Stainless steel is a popular choice when our clients need aesthetic appeal, easy maintenance, strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Here are a few examples of items that are commonly constructed from stainless steel:

  • Sinks
  • Appliances
  • Grills
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures
  • Shelving
  • Medical Equipment
  • Cladding
  • Railings & Balconies
  • Countertops
  • Escalators
  • Vehicle Components
  • Food Manufacturing & Processing Equipment
  • Chemical & Fuel Tankers
  • Garden Equipment
  • Cookware

That’s just a taste of what’s possible in the world of custom stainless steel fabrication. There are also countless prototypes and artists’ creations, plus massive product runs for all types of industries.

See what we’ve manufactured from stainless steel and other materials in our photo gallery and then contact us to discuss how we can help you today.

Aren’t All Stainless Steel Fabricators the Same?

Stainless steel comes with its share of challenges, and only knowledge and experience working with this metal can help to combat potential complications.

When you partner with Brandywine Valley Fabricators for custom stainless steel manufacturing in Coatesville, PA, you can expect best practices to be used and proper precautions to be taken. We’re careful to minimize risk and ensure the longevity of your S.S. product.

Here are a few examples of what can happen if your fabricator isn’t fully qualified to work with stainless steel:

  • Iron Contamination:  Contact with carbon steel tools or dust can cause iron particles to embed in the stainless steel, which can lead to rust and the ruin of the material’s corrosion resistance.
  • Chloride Contamination:  Exposure to chlorides (like salt) can break down the stainless steel’s protective chromium oxide layer, leading to pitting corrosion.
  • Organic Contaminants:  Adhesives, lubricants, or cleaning chemicals can leave residues that attract dirt and hinder passivation.
  • Scratches or Gouges:  When stainless steel is damaged, crevices are created where contaminants can be trapped and accelerate corrosion.
  • Improper Cleaning:  Residual mill scale, welding slag, or cleaning chemicals can affect the final finish and potentially induce corrosion.
  • Heat Tinting and Scale:  High temperatures during welding can oxidize the surface, affecting the stainless steel’s aesthetics and compromising its corrosion resistance.
  • Weld Decay:  Intense heat from welding can deplete chromium near the weld, making stainless steel susceptible to corrosion.
  • Porosity and Cracks:  Improper welding techniques or inadequate cleaning can lead to gas bubbles in welds, which will weaken them.
  • Distortion:  The high thermal expansion of stainless steel can cause warping and bending during welding. Welders must be experienced in techniques and jigs to combat this.
  • Choosing the Wrong Grade:  Different stainless steel grades are only suitable for certain applications. Using the wrong grade can lead to problems like stress cracking.
  • Improper Handling:  Rough handling or dropping can damage the metal, affecting its finish and potentially jeopardizing its structural integrity.

A lot can go wrong with stainless steel manufacturing, but when you know what you’re doing, even more can go right—like a finished product that looks great, performs as it should, and lasts for many years. Let’s see how we can help you. It all starts with a quote.